Alta 8, Heavy lift drone

Aerial Cinematography

As one of Scotland leading Aerial teams our drones can be used for delivering aerials for Feature Films, TV, TVC and Social.

We have a range for 6 drones for different applications from our Heavy lift for flying big lenses and camera packages to the speedy Inspire 2.





Gimbal Operator

We are fully equipped with the Freefly Movi Pro for handheld gimbal work supplying buttery smooth ground shots. The gimbal can take many different camera and lens packages as well as equipped with wireless Iris, Zoom and Focus control.

Our Gimbal is set up for remote control for when a second operator is needed.

movi pro gimbal aerial froniters
360, S900, Drone

Aerial 360

360 filming is the new and exciting immersive film experience - Giving the viewer a chance to step into a new world. We are supplying a new experience to step into an aerial view of a location of your choice. We use the new GoPro Omni to shoot 360, so please get in contact to enquire about Aerial 360 and stitching footage.






Live Aerial Broadcasting

Our team offer live aerial broadcasting using a wide range of our drones. This can and has been used for all sorts of events (sports, festivals etc).
We supply converters for 1080ip for the broadcast truck. Also we can provide two teams to your location, to cover more of the event and not miss any of the action.


Are you selling your property? Using a drone to film the aerial aspect of your property adds gravitas to the selling process. Also offering aerial photography of land for property development proposals.